Are you an artist, author, creative, entrepreneur or established small business owner who has a great product or service but desires to have a more time to work in the business and not on the administrative tasks? Have you ever said these words “If I could just find someone to take care of all of the administrative and back office tasks I can rock all of this?”

If you are shaking your head yes you have come to the right place. Payne Creative Consulting was created to provide personable and professional General Administrative support while also connecting budding brands to the audiences of their dreams using good old fashioned creativity (and data).  You’ve worked hard to build your business and your brand. Let us support you with our  world-class customer service to reinforce all you’ve done as you grow and scale your business.

We excel at taking competent care of the office work so you can do your thing.

Virtual Assistance

According to Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy TM a Virtual Assistant is any type of remote assistant who provides administrative, creative, or technical support services for online or brick and mortar business owners.


Create visual concepts, using various online resources, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.  Including flyers, logos, and social media pictures.


Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies) writing clear marketing copy to promote your products and services.

My Story

Tara lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma along with her husband, their daughter, and their loyal sidekick, Teagan, a lovable mixed-breed rescue dog. Since childhood, she has known she was born to be an entrepreneur, but she spent years trying to fit into the traditional employee role.  What she learned is that being in business creatively is and always has been her calling.

In 2019  she left the demands of a very stressful career in financial services behind.  She credits her time in financial services to reigniting her desire to find out what she was created for–and a way to live the life of her dreams.

 At the beginning of 2020, maybe like you, she found herself in the midst of a global pandemic underemployed, overstimulated, stressed, and ready to make a major change. ” I was looking for a way to marry passion, purpose, and pay”, she is quoted as saying. A very sobering phone conversation with her best friend provided the motivation she needed to finally begin her own business.  Payne Creative Consulting Group, LLC was founded in January 2020. With the inspiration of another close friend who is also a book publisher, she published her first book, a memoir about her journey to motherhood in September 2020.

Today Tara enjoys her work as a creative consultant, published author, moderator, and speaker. She works full-time in the area of entrepreneurship. When she isn’t working you might find her singing on the worship team at the church she attends, connecting people for purpose and profit, volunteering for one of the causes she cares about, hanging out with her family and friends, or her personal favorite–dancing with her daughter.

What I do

Helping your business to reach unimaginable levels.  Let me assist you with your next project or business endeavor.

When Hope Speaks​

A fairytale means that though there may be hardships and heartache the beauty comes by refusing to give up and by being determined to use whatever life throws at you to bring light to someone else. I would like to share the journey of my story with you.​

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If you answer yes– great! Maybe your method has become meh. I got you.

If you answer no– let’s brainstorm and collaborate to pinpoint the problem and allow me to provide creative solutions. Whether your answer is yes or no we can help you refine your method without changing your message.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Thank you so much for creating content for our newsletter & blog articles. I love that you are able to understand my concepts and bring together my ideas and thoughts to create readings that reflect the direction our organization is going.
Crystal Ifekoya
Ceo & Founder WHOW

Tara Payne Consulting really helped me with my veganish movement and the direction I needed to take. She is a godsend
Mario B. Choice, M. Ed
academic coordinator, educator, speaker, influencer- veganish movement
I loved working with Tara- Payne Creative Consulting Group. She listened to my vision for my product and was able to use her creative talent to produce a product that was fabulous. Her design was much more beautiful than I imagined. Thanks Tara
LaDonnia Holmes, CHC
certified health coach & owner, whole healthy living